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I'll be out for a while...

Dear friends,
I'm writing you right now from my hotel room at the International Airport of Christchurch in New Zealand.

In a few hours, weather permitting, along with other researchers and scientists of the "Programma Nazionale di Ricerche in Antarctica" (PNRA - Italian Antarctic program) we'll take off to reach the South Pole and face a new Antarctic campaign in "Mario Zucchelli Station" (MZS), the first Italian polar base Italian.
During this time I will be working on a research project on the ecology and population genetics of Weddell seals, living for a while in close contact with them by means of a remote field-camp set up right on the pack-ice.

12 C17 WM

This is not the first time that I will live this experience but, in any case, is always a thrill and a renewed challenge.

Although in this expedition my role is that of scientist and not documentary filmmaker, I have with me - it could not be otherwis !!! - my faithful cinecamera, which will have a not insignificant role in my research. Thanks to her, in fact, I will try to provide an estimate as realistic as possible of the Weddell seal population in the Terra Nova Bay, today almost unknown.
Flying by helicopter along linear transects at constant speed and altitude, I will take up the scattered groups of seals on the ice to be able to then make an accurate count and a large-scale estimate.

03 Anta Mum-pup WM

So, until next January, I do not think I will be able to properly update the blog, but I will try to let you all get some news.
By the way I apologize for the slowdown already experienced in recent weeks, but the organization of the expedition and the many television commitments did not leave me much time to devote to internet.

From this year, in fact, to the established commitments "Geo & Geo" (RAI Tre) and "The Noah's Ark" (Canale 5 - MEDIASET), also the one with the new edition of "On the slopes of Kilimanjaro", broadcast every Sunday afternoon on RAI Tre, has been added. Some of the many geographical reportages from all over the world that you will see, have been made by me on behalf of EREBUS Productions.

So I'm saying goodbye and it is perhaps the case that I bring forward with wishes for Christmas and a Happy New Year. It is possible that the last 10 days of December I will be sailing on board a Korean research vessel in the Antarctic Ocean...

Bob filma Weddell selas 2-WM

Next Sunday, October 26, a new appointment with "The Noah's Ark" on Canale 5 (Mediaset, Italian National Television), for a new episode of my feature, "The Explorer", dedicated to the giant albatross.

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Here, directly from the RAI official website, my last documentary on Antarctica (produced by EREBUS Productions), entitled "The Ice Gardens" and aired at "The slopes of Kilimanjaro", on RAI Tre (Italian National Television), last Sunday.






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Friday, 26 September 2014 00:00

My alpacas at Geo & Geo!

In today's episode of the new edition of "Geo & Geo" (RAI Tre - Italian National Television), the Erebus Productions' documentary entitled "The gentlemen came from the Andes", written and directed by me, will be broadcast.
It is the beautiful story of an Italian girl, Noemi Gandini, who has decided to devote all his energies to the breeding of alpacas and the production of their precious wool.

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Wednesday, 03 September 2014 00:00

"The Noah's Ark" new edition.

This September the new edition of "The Noah's Ark" is starting on Canale 5 (Mediaset - Italian National Television) and for the third year in a row there will be EREBUS Productions TV column, "The Explorer", presented by the undersigned.
Next Sunday, during the first episode, I will be in Australia to bring the shy forest kangaroos up on the Ark.
I wish you a new, great television year along with us!

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