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Tuesday, 15 October 2013 00:00

Deep wedding

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If there is a thing I thought I would never realize in my life it certainly is a wedding video... But never say never! The occasion to contradict my certainty has been provided by two friends of mine, Fabio and Francesca, who, having fixed the date of their wedding, decided to turn to me to get the video of their best day.Actually I did not think twice before enthusiastically accepting their proposal because, to be honest, it was not exactly a wedding like any other one... And it is not not just because Fabio and Francesca decided to get married…
Saturday, 04 January 2014 00:00

The more I shoot the better is! Or maybe not...?

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The advent of the digital image has changed everything. We all know it. Among the many changes coming from the passage from strips of plastic film covered with photosensitive material (film), or magnetized (magnetic tape, cassettes) to smaller and smaller memory cards, there is one change which, in contrast to the thrust propulsive digital, has been responsible for a "behavioral" involution of filmmakers (and photographers). No one seemed to realize that. The digital explosion stopped the chore of buying continuosly videotapes and film rolls! Some of my readers could think. Do not worry. I'm one of those filmmakers who will…
We all want to make videos. Precisely we all want to make videos since the explosion of clips on the internet. Few years ago, with my personal experience as photographer, I decided to work not only with my Reflex (which was used just to make pictures...) but also with a video camera. When I took this decision I knew clearly how I was going to use my first semi-professional camera; I was leaving for a Polar expedition in Antarctica (since then I have taken part in five expeditions at the North Pole and South Pole ). Seeing the exceptional natural…
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