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Sunday, 02 February 2014 00:00


Do you need to record a voice-over and you do not have enough money to afford a professional speaker and the rent of a recording-studio?
Or simply are you in an emergency situation and there is no time to rush to record the text of your video?
But you also are aware that, recording in a not soundproof environment, the room rumble and reverberation will make your audio of poor quality, even using professional microphones.
So, how to do?
Your salvation is ... in the bathrobe!

TIP 02-14 2 WM

Or in towels, in fleece sheets, or even in Grandma's blankets!
In other words, try to build a "cage" of cloths around the microphone and you'll discover that this incredibly simple system will already improve the performance of your audio.
Moreover, if the walls of your room are covered with paintings and furniture and on the floor there are one or more carpets, the situation will get even better.

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