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In case of rain, everything in the rubbish bags! In case of rain, everything in the rubbish bags!

I never leave my house to go to record a documentary without first tucking in my backpack, or in some pocket of my clothing, a couple of packs of plastic rubbish bags, both large and small .

Because I know that, sooner or later, they will save my documentary!

They are very, very cheap, they are light and space-saving but you can not imagine how they can be crucial in saving your video and photographic equipment in the event of a sudden and bad turn in the weather. When you are caught out by the shower or by the stormy sea that splashes water everywhere and you do not have any possibility to reach a safe haven in a short time, the only way to be (almost .. ) sure that the equipment do not get wet will be to put every single component of it inside the smaller plastic bags and then the whole backpack or duffel bag in the larger ones.

Sacchetti spazzatura 2 WM

By doing so you will ensure an additional double protection to that provided by the water-proof fabrics with which are now made ​​all the professional backpacks for video and photographic equipment and guarantee to yourself a greater serenity...

In fine you should not neglect the fact that the rubbish bags will be very useful even in their most traditional use, that is the recovery and transportation of your own waste.

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