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Coherently entering in the story people I met randomly. Coherently entering in the story people I met randomly.

Very often the beginners confuse the position of "filmmaker" with that of "cameraman".
It is not so. Because a cameraman has to convert into images the ideas of someone else (author, director), while the filmmaker depicts its own story.

That is why it is essentiale that any filmmaker, before starting the production of any project, writes a script of his videographic story, also only briefly and from a lineup of points marked on the back of a receipt.

Script scontrino WM

However, the time of writing of the subject, even if not formalized, will be crucial because it will allow the filmmakers to give a unified and consequential development to his story, forcing him to make sure that every point of the story is both the consequence of what has gone before and the antecedent of the next.

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