Video equipment tests (3)


Almost all of my most recent documentaries for RAI and Mediaset have been made using this minimalist, self-contained equipment: that is, by carrying everything I needed in my backpack! Being able to operate the camera without its handgrip (for this contingency Canon supplies, as part of its standard equipment, a small accessory: a thumb rest which can be screwed into the camera to replace the handgrip) turns out to be particularly useful from another point of view too: the use of the C300 on various kinds of supports, such as a mini-crane or steadycam, which aren't too heavy or bulky.…


Undeniably, a small slider, or mini dolly, is something that should never be missing from a filmmaker's equipment. Simply because it opens up a whole world of expressive potential; because it gives the shots a bit of the flavour of cinema, making them appear more professional; and because nowadays you can find types that suit everybody's tastes and budgets! But the problem is always the same: which model should you choose, from the many that have recently inundated the market in the wake of the success of reflex videos?Of course, there cannot be just one answer to this question. It…


Almost two years have gone by since the worldwide launch of the Canon EOS C300 Cinema series professional video camera, and a lot has already been said and written about this highly successful product. Internet is full of reviews and tests that report on its technical features and underline this video camera’s extraordinary performance in terms of picture quality. It is, however, precisely for this reason that what you are about to read will not be the umpteenth article about the number of pixels of the sensor or the various video formats that the C300 can record in.. On the…

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